A downloadable game for Windows

A few years ago, otherworldly beings called "desires" have started to roam the earth. Their goal was to overtake the whole planet.
...However, Humanity was not giving in so easily. And as they fought back, they've noticed that there were some desires under the hostile troops that didn't want this war either.

And thus, the rebellion started.
As soon as a human reaches the age of 18, they can become a Master and build a troop of desires that have given themselves to the rebellion.

To build this troop though... they have to make a contract with a desire, to assure that this desire is theirs now. This contract... will not be signed through pen and paper though.

This game is 18+ and features heavy adult content, so warning is given! 
Make sure to play this game alone since it has very graphic content as well.

Desires are male as well as female, so gay relationships are completely possible.
Every Character in this game is obviously 18 or older.
upon entering a map, the game will pre-load all the images to make the experience better and more fluent. Depending on how many events, this can take a few seconds.
There are also random world map events that can appear and random "room events" if you have the mansion...

Not only this, but in future updates, you are actually able to build a lasting romantic relationship with the desire of your dreams! Confession scenes included!
Many more desires are still to come and able to collect as the game develops.
In this game you are able to play EITHER a female or a male character.
A few of the graphics are placeholders and will be updated in later versions of the game.
I try to bring out updates every second tuesday! So stay tuned and please always read the update (Below the post in "Development log) for information on the new features!

If you like the game, make sure to let me know and keep up to date with the development!
Also, let me know if you have any suggestions for the game or if you find bugs!
Feel free to send me anything you want! You can do so to this address: YokuboGames@googlemail.com

For Twitter Updates follow https://twitter.com/YokuboG 

The wiki page to the game with lots of information can be found here: https://thebestmaster.fandom.com/wiki/TheBestMaster_Wiki

The game now also has a discord! https://discord.gg/GSJkxEV 

Here are the links to my patreon and Ko-fi if you feel like supporting me financially! 
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Yokubo 
Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/yokubogames

Install instructions

Download file and unpack with 7zip, Winrar or any other unpacking program.


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The Best Master

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I just started playing and I've been trying to get my license but I just can't seem to beat the first boss. I'm playing on easy but my attacks do no damage and I end up dying. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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Whenever I sleep in the bed at my mansion the time still doesn't pass.

(oops meant to do that as a reply)

Oh please excuse me! I meant to say the sofa, not the bed! That's my bad!


Oh! Thank you! That really helped!

No problem! I'm glad it helped!~


The time always seems to be morning for me.
Is there a certain way to pass time, or does it happen naturally?
If it happens naturally, how fast does the time progress?
(Sorry if I phrased anything wrong, I struggle with phrasing and stuff like that.)

Deleted 43 days ago
Deleted 43 days ago

after finishing quest 7 then what's next?

After quest 7 you can go to either Puzzle or your mansion (if you own it) to trigger the next quest!

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Hello, I've been a fan of this game for quite a bit now and I think its an amazing game but I'd just like to know a few things

1. what characters can you romance?

2. in future updates, will we have more quests or like will there be more to the game? 

3. this ones a bit random but in the future could you think about adding beds to the desires rooms so that if the player wants to sleep in the same bed as the desire they can?

4. will there be an option to kiss desires?

5. if a desire gets selled as a slave will there be an option to bring/buy them back?

and I think thats about it for now, this game is amazing and I hope to be able to say I supported it from the start :) have a nice day, thanks for reading this !



1. You can romance every desire that you can make a contract with! There are also many side characters that are/will be romanceable! (Shawn, Tyler, etc) 

2. Of course! The next update will come with a new quest, probably even 2 or more! 

3. I have been wanting to upgrade the desires' rooms soon anyway and adding a bed to each room was part of the plan, ha ha!~

4. Yes! I'm trying to get the option done for the next update, though it could be that not all of them will come with CGs yet.

5. It is planned for the future, yes! 

Thank you for the support and the kind words! I'm really happy you're enjoying the game, ha ha!~

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After finishing quest 7, how do proceed during being with yikshi

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it keeps closing half way,  it wont undress yikshi

I believe the scene you are talking about is the "dreamscape" scene!
Dreamscape scenes are currently very buggy due to a plugin not working correctly. For now, you can skip dreamscapes by opening the settings/cheats menu before starting the dreamscape. You can do that by pressing Q on your keyboard, going to Technical Cheats >Reset & Settings > Change starting settings > Skip dreamscapes. 
As of now, this is the only way to get past dreamscape scenes for players that these bug out for, but I am looking into the issue and hoping to make them fully functional soon!

Um, it doesn't say skip dreamscapes.


this game is so good, can you make version mobile please

I'm glad you're enjoying it!~
I'm still figuring out how to make a mobile version, but when it's done, I'll upload it as soon as possible!


After getting the flowers to xora then what's next?( in quest 6 the virus in mundae)

You'll have to go outside of mundae and battle bull desires until one drops a horn! Only the males drop horns!~

Hello, this may sound a little bit pathetic but how do u get or enter in a desire room?

To enter one of the rooms, you just walk up to the door and touch it, it should let you enter!


Hello, so I meant by that was where is the room 😅, I have finished the game and already bought the mansion but I seem to can't find it...

When you enter the mansion, there should be stairs and an elevator in the upper right corner! Interact with either of those to get to the rooms!


Hello can you tell me how to get achievement 'Hook up with the guard' please?


During Areen's quest, you can hook up with one of his guards if you befriend the guard's sister! The achievement is only obtainable during this quest, after it, it cannot be obtained anymore.

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how can i find her? i mean the sister's guard?


His sister will be in the break room, but you can only encounter her there after a certain point in the quest!


I'm enjoying the game so far, but when I turn off the pc and later open the game all my save files are gone and I have to start over all again. Is this a bug or did I do sth wrong? ;-; 

Hmm I'm not entirely sure what could be causing this, that sounds very strange and I haven't heard of any others having this bug yet either. Maybe you can make backups of the save files in another folder when turning off the PC and paste them back into the game folder when turning the PC back on?


Can you tell me how to do it??

Just how you would normally move files around!~
After your playing session, you create a folder in a different location on your computer and name this one "backup save". Then go to your "The Best Master" folder and into the "save" folder, copy everything that's in there and paste it into the new folder called "backup save". When you want to continue playing, you go into your "backup save" folder, copy everything that's in there and paste it into the "save" folder in the "The Best Master" folder.
I hope I've explained it well enough, ha ha!~
I can't promise it  will work, but it might be a possibility!


Hello! I have some questions for you :)
1) Are you planning to add live2d to the game?  
2) Can you tell  approximately how long the next update will take?(Just can't have enough of this game xD) 

3)Will Austen  be   romanceable character ?

 4)Do you plan to redraw some old sprites like you did with Austen's ? Maybe Tauren's design?  
5)Will be new characters added into "valentines" event? 

SORRY for all mistakes


1) I would really like to, yes! However, unfortunately as of now I still haven't found a plugin that makes this possible yet, so it might still take some time until it'll be a feature.
2) Ah, I believe I'm not even able to tell you a rough date yet, though I hope that it won't take too long! I do really appreciate your support and love for the game though, ha ha!~
3) Austen will definitely have certain scenes in the future, I haven't made plans for him to be romanceable though but if that's what players would like, I can surely add that!
4) Yes! In fact I am currently redrawing a majority of the sprites in the game, I've already finished Tauren's as well, ha ha!
5) I am planning to add a valentines event for the new desires, yes! Since the problem with the plugin that controls dreamscapes still persists though, I am still waiting with it until I have found the right fix for it.

No need to apologize! Thank you very much for your support !~

So many good news :) Now I’m just super curious how Tauren looks like now😳

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hii i really like your game. I am very excited every time I see the latest update. thank you for your hard work. 
oh yes, I want to ask, in quest 8, there are several rooms such as storage room, freezer, break room, bath house that are locked and have a lock with a certain shaped.
1. is there a way to get the keys?. I'm sorry for my bad english >.<
2. and in gestra, there are male slave who are with the women who sold us slave licenses. can i have him someday? : D I'm a little attracted to him, and want to snatch him from that woman BHAHAHAHA (ehem sorry)
I think that's all I really wanted to ask. I hope you are always healthy and have a nice day. Thank you

Thank you for all your support! I'm so happy to see you're enjoying the game!~
1. Yes! You can obtain keys to all of the locked rooms. They are hidden very well though, so it would take some searching around through the kingdom!
2. Yes, there will be a way to obtain him in a later update! Unfortuntely I cannot tell when that will be yet since the slaves in the stock will all have to be fully implemented first.
Thank you and have a nice day as well!~


Hey, I'm back! really surprised and excited when I saw the new update! thanks!

1. Solemn is so cute~ I like him very much~ Hopefully he will be obtainable. I can't wait to enslave him and break him. Cute things are more adorable when broken, am I right?😏

2. I wonder why it's only Shawn who don't have kiss and sex option... was really looking forward for it....

3. About the slaves, how about adding obedience stat? so torture them until they break and obey.👀

4. I finally tried the Halloween Nik event, but Ray got in the way when I want to pick the knife.🤔

5. Will Utoya come back and be obtainable later?

6. The art have become better! Ray is so pretty! Apparently he is the #1 desire according to the poll afterall.😸

Sorry for my long post, see you next update 😸

I'm happy you're enjoying the new update!~

1. He will definitely be obtainable at a later point! However, unfortunately, I cannot determine yet when that will be!

2. These options will be available for him later after a certain point in the story!

3. I was thinking of the same stat already, ha ha! Thank you for reminding me again!

4. I see, thank you for reporting! I'll take care to fix that part!

5. Utoya will come back! But I cannot reveal anything about him being obtainable yet!

6. I'm very happy to hear you're liking the art in the update! Thank you for the support and the feedback, ha ha!

I don't mind the long post! No need to apologize.~


Hi! Uhm how do I download the APK for Android version? Sorry if this is like a really simple thing I'm very stupid and horrible with tech

As of now, the APK version for the game has been removed, since it wasn't working correctly. I must have forgotten to erase that part in the description, I'm very sorry about that!
I am currently looking into finding a way of making it work for android though!

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Hey,  thanks for the update.  This game is really good. You're amazing you can developing this game when you sick. 😁. 

I really like the message system.  But is it supposed to repeat the same messages over and over again or is it a bug...? 

I can't find Dexter,  where is he? 

I really like the cats😄 you mentioned some of the new characters will be obtainable,  will Chalice and Solemn be one of them?  I so curious. 

I noticed that the cats' manager filename is Satan, the one you mentioned in your update post, are the cats cafe her idea/OCs?

What's Sako records? I tried to look it up because Satan's character said to not look it up.  I can't find anything so I really curious now...

I'm glad you're enjoying the update! Thank you for playing, ha ha.~

It's normal for them to repeat! You can turn off messages that you've seen already in the phone settings! You need to have the latest version of the game with the bug fixes for it to work though!

Dexter isn't entirely in the game yet, he's mostly being talked about. However, there is a secret way in which you can see a small cameo of him already!

Chalice and Solemn will be obtainable later, yes!

She was the one that mentioned the cat café for the first time! The characters are from me, but she helped me a lot with designing the interior and giving me ideas on what to do with the café.~

Sako records isn't anything that actually exists irl, it is something that me and Satan have planned for a side project.~ Unfortunately, I cannot tell any further details yet!


How to see Dexter’s cameo? I’m very bad at finding secrets (:

You would have to go to sleep in the mansion a few times until you see him at Dangoyan's cat café! If the randomizer hits the right number, you should see him sitting at the very left, bottom table in the café!


mmm... he's pretty ^_^ 


I love your game, it's really good! I was super looking forward to the update! I hope you get better. I would like to know if the app you use to create the game is Ren'py?

I'm glad you're enjoying the game!~ Thank you for the comment!
The program I am using for the game is RPG Maker MV!

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its been a few days since i downloaded the update & im so impressed by all the hard work you put into the update! it was worth waiting for the update(っ^▿^)❤ 

i think i will never ever ever be done reading everything! i keep finding new talks with all the characters for the clothes and gifts! its awesome!

and my 1st time getting a phone message made shy lol i did not imagine that chalice's photo would be so sexy (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) i love your art style and all the angles of the photos! each photo keeps getting better and your art looks like a professional otome game art!

anyways i just really love the phone system! i hope to see more phone photos in the future if its not too much work for you creator-san ^-^ thank you for adding such a cool feature and for all the hard work to make such a big update when you are still sick! your love for the game makes me happy to be a player ❤ 


Thank you so, so much for the very kind words! It makes me incredibly happy to see that you're enjoying the new update this much!
And I'm very happy to see you liking the phone system as well! I'm planning on adding a lot more messages in the next update, so I hope you're looking forward to those, ha ha!~


(´,,•ω•,,) looking forward to them! I cant wait for the next update for the phone system! take your time while you are still sick! waiting is no trouble for me since your game and art is awesome! (☆^ー^☆)


how do i start quest 8


You can either start Quest 8 from Puzzle or in front of the mansion's entrance door. The requirements for it to be triggered are: It has to be daytime and you need to have finished Quest 7!

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Enjoying the update so far! Unfortunately it came with bugs from previous updates. Like Lanch becoming a statue, in other words, he does not move or respond at all and the fact that I was not able to go into another desire's room because it will automatically take me to his??? Another thing to add is that Tairus first heart event(?) has completely blocked my game progession, I can no longer talk to Dandee and take more quest because the dialogue takes you back to the event where you are helping Tairus find a human wife. 

I'm so sorry to hear that so many game breaking bugs are happening! I'll take care of it right away and will upload a new build to fix this as soon as possible! 

Hello again!
I would like to inform you that these bugs should be fixed in the new build that I have just uploaded! Please go into the settings menu in your game after downloading the build and choose the "UPDATE" option, this should fix everything! If there are still problems, please let me know!


Great! Can I still use the save file from the update? Or do I need to make a new one? Sorry for asking too many questions.

You should still be perfectly fine with your current save file! 
And don't worry about asking questions, that's what I'm here for!~


Thank you so much! Yet I feel still embarrassed from doing so.  Also, to inform you, there is still a bug, again involving Tarius quest event, when I talk to any female that was involved in the event, it automatically takes you to Tarius' dialogue event. So it is not possible to buy or get anything from the girl desire that is in the Letter Association. Also, also... the bug concerning Lanch room... is still happening. I had to set his relationship points to 0 so it will stop. 

I see, thank you for the report! I'm sorry for all the problems, I'll have to look a little deeper into this bug. I'll be fixing it as soon as I can!


i went to the 4th floor at night and went in to the room but nothing happened, what did i do wrong 

Have you met all the requirements to trigger the event?
Another requirement for the new desire is, to have finished at least the 6th quest ("Mysterious Virus", the quest to recruit Xora), I probably should have said that as well, my bad!
Incoming Spoilers:
Furthermore, it's not the very first room on the 4th floor that you have to enter, it is the very left one in the middle row!


Hi thank you for the update master Yokubo :) sorry if my english is bad , but your update made me happy!  i am playing and there is so many new characters ! I love the cat cafe everyone is very cute there<3 I also like Neo and the shop owner i think his name was Tyler? he is very funny! 2d is better than 3d! ;) i did not finish everything in the update but i am excited about trying the text messages ! Thank you for your hard work master Yokubo<3 :)


Hello there!
I am incredibly happy to hear you're enjoying the new update, including the new characters, ha ha!~
I really hope you're going to have fun with the rest of it too! 
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and showing your support, it helps motivating me to work even harder.~


The update has been great i enjoyed the texts a lot especially Tyler and Nik ! Nik has got so many pics this update<3 and Tyler texts were surprising in a good way ;) but i like that we can get close to him ! :) thank you again Master Yokubo i will follow you ^^ I hope you will keep working on the game still even if it is slow , your game gave me a lot of happy times :) 


I'm really glad to see you enjoying it! I will definitely continue working on the game, currently, I am already working on the next update! 
I hope that the future updates of the game can give you many more happy times!~


New update!  Happy day ) Thank you Yokubo!


You're very welcome! I hope you'll enjoy it!~

can you tell me where to find "catnip"? :)

The new nekomata desires drop it!~ Rexton at Dangoyan's station can tell you where to find them when you ask him for the map!

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I'd like also report some bug.  floor's numbers are wrong and 4th floor not in the menu. it's impossible to open phone message if "fast" option was chosen, I'd suggest adding an option to filter messages somehow bc it really can take long time before recieving the new one and it leads to reading countless times the same ones. Especially in the future when will be more  texts and calls it would be almost necessary

Austen is so HOT now , I like redesign very much 

now I m curious about cafe's basement...I have creepy feeling about it :D Why I shouldn't check there, seriously ))

Thank you for reporting! I will put it on my list to fix!
I've noticed as well that the reocurring messages can be quite tedious, so I will think of something that can be done about this! 


Hello there ^^ 

Not very good in english, but I'll try my best. I don't know how to play this moment with Xora without having a crash when I touch him. I tried to reinstall but it didn't work.... Can someone help me please... ? 

Unfortunately, these scenes seem to crash for a lot of people as of now.
The only workaround that some people have found so far is to click slowly and not rush it! You might want to try that and see if it works.
The next update will come with the option to skip these scenes, so that it won't crash anymore for players who run into this problem.
I am currently trying to figure out a way to fix this error though!

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Okay thanks for the reply ! (:


Hey, I saw you're back. Congratulations and good luck!😸 I have few questions again🌚

1. You said that we will be able to buy back a desire we sold. Will they back to their previous rooms or will they stay in the mansion's basement as a slave?

2. Will there be a wolfboy desire?

3. Will there a lewd scene with the childhood friend?

4. Any plan of adding dialogue to Fang/Wooly after you sold their brother? Kinda feel weird they don't care at all...🌚

5. How about adding evil route? When we bought a slave, the dialogues are kind, Like we're saving them. How about adding choices to alter Serene/Myle personality to become arrogant and abusive to the slaves or maybe even to the desires?

That's all for now, thanks for reading this, hopefully you still considering slave Lio.😸

Bye, stay healthy



1. The plan is to send them to the basement as slaves once you buy them back, however I also want it to be possible to bring them back into the mansion's upper floors if you manage to get a good relationship with them again. That will be up to the player though.

2. Definitely! I have one in planning already!

3. I can't spoil too much about this section, but there is something planned for him!

4. Yes! In all honesty, this is something I forgot to implement with that update, yet I meant to. I'll add it as soon as I find the time!

5. I'm definitely wanting to add more freedom with the game's dialogue in general (which will also be affecting the player's morals), what the slave market is so far, is really just a rough outline of the vision I have for it, so it's going to get reworked in the future!

And yes, I haven't forgotten about that, ha ha! I'll try to come up with something! Thank you for your support!

Do you plan to adding losing scene to each fight/boss fight?




Hey! I commented on here before but I have a question or two

The person below me basically asked this but I wanna know if there's gonna be some sort of gender preference mechanic, not just with the desires but with the extra sex scenes. If I'm being honest, that one scene with the vampire threesome in the Tower of Illusion (I think that's what it's called) really turned me off, not like it was bad or anything, it just didn't really do anything for me because of the girl vampire that was on top of you in it. If I'm being honest I wish there was someway to make your main character have a gender preference because there are certain scenes with other girls that kind of ruin my submersion in the game because I don't relate to it. The people who are into that I won't judge, it's just not for me. 

Another thing; Is there an exact number of the desires that'll be implemented by the end of development? I'm honestly a bit curious. I really love all of the desires and their unique designs as well as personalities, and I can't wait to see the ones that'll be added in the future. I gotta say though I do have a few favourites. I love Ruko, Excel, and Ray. I don't think there's a single one I really dislike aside from Rahel, who honestly gives me the creeps, but I don't think he's that bad.

Sorry if this was a really long comment or anything, I just really love this game. I have a lot of thoughts on it and I'm super stoked about where it'll go in the future. (Despite this being a porn game, it's one of my favourites even if that might be a little weird to say haha...) Anyways...I can tell how much work has been put into this and I'd like to say good job, lol, because I think it's really been paying off. I'll continue to support this in the future :)



I actually haven't thought about implementing a preference for the extra scenes, but that sounds like a really good idea! I'll definitely write it on my to-do list and try to get it done for the next update then! 
And don't worry about it, it's completely understandable that you wouldn't like everything in the game! 

So far I don't have an exact number of desires I want to implement yet since I always get new ideas for more of them, so the amount keeps growing for now, ha ha. If the game should ever run out of space for those though, I would be very happy to make a second game like this with all new desires! 
I'm really happy to see that you enjoy the desires that are there so far! It's always motivating to read something like this, ha ha.

No need to apologize! I'm happy about getting feedback, no matter how long it is! 
And thank you so much for all the support! it really means a lot to me. I hope I can continue to make content that you and everyone else enjoys! 

Thanks for the reply!

It honestly makes me happy that you're considering my suggestion, so thanks :)

 Don't push yourself too hard! :D


Just wondering, but are you planning on implementing a gender preference system to the game? Like when choosing from the door to get your desires. Such as "male" for only male desires, "female" for females, and "don't care" for both. It'd be useful to have a system for that so that it'd make it easier for you to get a certain gender you prefer. 


I have set it up already a few weeks ago and It's actually coming with the next update! It'll work just the way you've described, you'll also be able to change preference at any time.

Oh? Awesome! ^^ Can't wait for the new update!


Sorry to bud in but I'm so glad to hear that a new update is coming out soon! I've been following this for a bit now and I check in for updates every once in awhile, I know the wait is gonna be worth it because this game is really great!


I'm glad you're looking forward to it! 
It's still a little while until I can finalize the update and upload it, but I'm working hard on it to get a lot of content done!
Thank you for the support~


I hope so much that the game will be developed further. It's so interesting. I'd like to see slave market implemented, and  characters routes. (especially Rascal's one❤️) And how main story will go...played  last time around year ago. miss this game


I'm very happy to hear how much you like the game! I'm currently hard  at work for the next update again, so you can be sure to expect a new version of the game soon!
Thank you so much for the support~


Great news !!

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Hey, I'm curious about some things in the game so I hope you will answer it. :>

1. After we sold Rahel, he threatened us and fled. Will he really hunt us and fight us? I think it's will be interesting to fight him as optional boss. Personally, I want to kick his ass too. ;>

2. Will there an option to kick out a desire from the troop without selling them? Seeing some of them disappointed and begging to stay would be very exciting.😉

3. Will there an option to buy back desires we sold? It can also be fun.

Sorry if I asked too many questions, hope you get better soon.😁


Of course! I'll try to answer as best as I can.

1. It is not implemented yet, but yes, I do plan on adding more to that in the future!

2. Yes there will be other options to give away desires in future updates!

3. It's planned, but might take a while until implemented, since I want to overhaul their entire dialogue if you've sold them once!

No problem! I'm always glad to see when people are still interested in the game and I'm glad to answer any questions, ha ha. Thank you for the support!


Thanks for answering my question so fast!❤️ I forgot to ask a question, will we be able to take Lio from Anna? Maybe kidnap him or something?😃 


I wasn't planning on it, but if there is interest for Lio, then I'll try to come up with something in the future!

(1 edit) (+1)

😍 Thanks! I looking forward for it.

When I press esc I am stuck in a inf loop help 

Hello! Can you tell me which characters you have in your team when that happens?

I was having too hard of a time with the controls.


Hey, just wondering if you're still working on the game ? And maybe updating the wiki page ? The game is amazing and I just can't get enough of it ! The art is good, the quests are fun and overall it's a really good game that I wish to see improve more and more ! 

Hello! I'm really happy you enjoy the game!~
Currently it is on hiatus due to health reasons, but when that period is over I am definitely going to pick up the project again and continue where I left off!


kk happy to hear It's not abandoned ! take your time and don't overwork yourself ! as much as I'd like an update or something new we can't forget that creators are people and deserve a break too ! keep up the good work 

Thank you for your understanding!~


One year without new updates( Sad. Any news?


Unfortunately the hiatus will still be going on for a while as it looks since the health problems weren't solved yet. 
I apologize for the wait and hope I can soon get back to developing!


Hi, when i walk in the open world im unable to encounter any enemies, is there a way to fix this without starting a new game? and is this the way to get the cow horn for the village virus quest im confused sorry ::

(2 edits) (+2)

Enemies don't appear everywhere on the world map, it's possible that you're walking on a part where you cannot encounter them!
Here is an image of the world map. Encounters can happen in the red, green, yellow and orange marked areas. The colors aren't visible in the game though.
I hope this helps! If the problem still persists, don't hesitate to ask for help again!~

The cow horn can be obtained in the yellow marked area by fighting cow boy desires!


Oh! Thank you so much :)

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i'm having a problem where if I jump in onto a saved file the screen turns black but the music still plays .how do I fix this?


I think I found a bug during the test at the very beginning of the game. I pressed x and was not able to close the animation that came up.


Oh, I think that was the loading screen.


hi, im playing in the map and when the character tommy pops up the game doesnt show any text box, and keeps like it forever, what should i do? is when i get nearby a grey structure north the begining tow (sorry for an akward english, still learning xD)

That sounds like it might be a bug, if you encounter it again, could you attach a screenshot? That would be very helpful! And thank you for the report, I will add it to the bug list!


Mine had the same bug. But, in the time it took me to upload this image, it was fixed. I wonder if minimizing the game had anything to do with it?

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