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Is it possible to make it a "Play On Website" game? I accidentally messed up with the files and I can't go back ;;;;; 

I'm not good with zips and etc. So is it okay for the developers and you to make it a "Website" game? It's okay if not! 


It's definitely worth trying, I can't promise anything since I've never done this before, but I'm going to do my best!

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please come back soon! I just started the game and it looks like theres soooo much potential and was really fun! And i cant wait to see where you take it!


hope you feel better soon!

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please don't be sorry, health always comes first! Its better to be safe and responsible enough to know when to step back from something when it becomes too much, I'm sure everyone else can understand, so please only do what youre comfortable with and don't feel any pressure! Just concentrate on getting better! Wishing you all the best :) 

Also i'm sorry for posting such long messages when you were sick, I just wrote anything I thought of during my free time and I didn't mean to pile on to your work so again im sorry about that

Oh, please don't be sorry! You couldn't have known and I really appreciate all the advice you're giving me and the interest you're showing in the game. I wasn't upset at all, in fact I'm very happy to see these kinds of comments.

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hey Yokubo you might have seen this already, but just in case I wanted to show you this cool plug in for ANIMATING the characters while they talk! XD (like mouth moving, or other small -or big- actions you may choose to add during their dialogues)

If you think its feasible it would be so cool to implement some thing similar in the game sometime in the future!! The maker seems to present this as relatively simple to implement, as well as the other users on the forum in comparison to other methods and its supposed to be significantly better which was why i wanted to show you in case you haven't seen it already

there's a tutorial that seems really helpful on that site that really walks you through it, and the final result looks so great XD 

Oh, that looks really great actually! I'll look into it. I'm not sure when or if I can implement it, but I'd like to try. Thank you for the suggestion!


I just made an account for this game :) I feel like the only Haori fan though...

he's alright I'd give him a 5 outta ten lol. (I would say the ones I hate most are the cat boys and  Oliver cause of his personality and appearance)

Oh, not at all! Haori's gotten a lot of votes in the last poll, he's actually quite popular!

I really like Haori as well, but Its hard to pick just one favorite. Personally I picked lanch but he's tied for me with Xora and Jamie (and maybe Crue but slightly less)? I kinda wish I picked differently though after seeing the results though to get some more representation for Jamie lol

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by the way for the bedroom scenes, would it be possible to implement a dreamscape-like event similar to the scenes in a yaoi game called seiyuu danshi? Theres a foreplay event in that game where your love interest is basically laying on a bed and you use toys or other actions on them, but they're lying straight down like Ray and Ruko's sub scenes in your mother's home and you can scroll to see their entire body. You might have seen that concept already but i thought it could be a cool inspiration!

it could also be cool if there could be variations like them on their back or front, or legs up or down, etc!

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here's a link to a video of that mode if you haven't seen it before, its similar to the dreamscape event but i like that the pose is of your love interest lying down and looking at him/her from above (like a body pillow style i guess?) as opposed to a perspective view or in the middle of a complicated pose:

Although i very much like that your version gives you the choice to keep some or all of their clothes on if you so choose, so it would be awesome if that can be maintained! Actually currently you can make the clothes disappear, but it would be cool if they get removed in stages like one of the character's dreamscapes (don't want to spoil anything XD) where things get unbuttoned, the shirt lifted up a little bit, pants down at their knees, etc. before finally removing it completely off! Also the idea of dressing them up in costumes looks amazing! 

I definitely was thinking of making a scrolling option for the pictures, but it could be very difficult and I'm not sure if it's even possible in RPG Maker. So far I haven't found a way to make that work yet, but I'm definitely on it.
Different variations of their pose is definitely a good idea, but would also take a lot more time and work, so if at all, that would be something I'd be adding way late into the game. I'll think about it, but I don't want to make any promises here yet!

dreamscapes themself will actually change up a bit sometimes, depending on which characters, so you're surely going to see different varíations of that anyway!

Thank you for your ideas once again!

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thank youuu for listening to my ramblings! actually for scrolling the images, i found information about a plugin that should do just that! Heres the link:

I hope it works/is what youre looking for! I don't know how it may effect clicking and the other functions inside a dreamscape like event, but im sure theres a way!

also if clothes are removed in this event it could be a way to showcase the underwear designs @JesHOLO mentioned before XD

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I don't know what you think of this, but can you makes polls or something alike for designing underwear for some of the existing desires? i was talking to someone else about this and i think it would be popular to add some personality to each of their underwear and some of them could look pretty hot~   it could be an event each week to design one for each desire through the polls if you don't have any yet

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It could even just be in a desires bio section about underwear color or what they prefer

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although for some of their current designs it might not work and make the drawings more complicated. Actually it could be cool to have the desire sprites only in underwear for something similar to the halloween costume pack that can be offered as an event, and the idea of designing them through polls is cool! There could even be a swimsuit event too hehe

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ooh i asked about underwear a while back too haha

Really love the idea of making polls for that! However, I've been dodging the underwear subject for now, since I don't know so many "types of underwear", so I wouldn't know what exactly to give to them.
The same goes for the poll, I'm not sure what options to give to the community.

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lol me neither, i actually just searched up types of underwear to find out the names on google images. Maybe you could put a picture of the types in an update, then have a poll with just the names, and then color for the parts like strap, and main colour. Maybe also a specialty design poll for underwear like a suit one or some other specific design on them, or an underwear with suspenders? If pictures are required could the images be posted on an update since the polls are text only? I also think you designing some for a desire and making a poll to pick the favorite would be equally fun if thats easier!

I think I personally like the idea of picking designs you have made in a poll better actually.

Hmm I sure do like the idea. I'll have to see if I'm creative enough to do that, but I'll see what I can do about it! I might make a poll next week for the first desire then.

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for the design some characters could have some writing on the band, maybe something matching their personality or a funny pun of a known company?

hey I've just played through again, and now exp is showing and i can get desires, but i can't have sex with my desires in their rooms because i don't have enough exp despite being level 100

also the rate of encounters in the mansion is so high that i can't leave lol, an exclamation mark pops up before i can leave the house haha


Yeah I've also encountered that an hour ago, it must have been a problem with the debug menu, I already fixed it and uploaded a new version. You might have to open the debug menu again for it to work though.


Hmm it's really weird, since it just doesn't happen for me.
Which desire specifically does it happen for? Or if it's several, can you name me one?

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I've only tried it with lanch thus far, but even to use the portal, i noticed that when the main character's exp was ---- (i.e. the max) the portal wouldn't work. I had to use the rock book to lower my level to 89 for it to work, so maybe the desires levels also have to be reduced? (i was doing this with the desires levels being 99 so their experience were all -----)

I couldn't imagine that this would be the case... I just tried myself to level them all to the highest and it works flawless for me, with the male character as well.
I'm sorry that this is still happening, I'll have to do some real troubleshooting with this bug.

oh no its not your fault for you to be apologising, its natural for this to happen during development, believe me i know the stress of debugging code and im sure its even worse for a big game like this

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should i try sending you my save file so you can try recreating the error just to see it in game? (can send it through discord)

That might be helpful, thank you!

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would it be possible to add at this point to the poll a mischievous option for the personality and a caramel brown (like persian) skin colour? Im always suprised how much youre able to add to the game each update by the way! It looks great so far XD


Unfortunately the poll has been created already and isn't editable, but I really wish I would have added that!

its no problem, it would be cool for the next poll though! Anyways a lot of people voted already so adding it now may not get it voted much at this point

I just got to try the update but the same error with my current EXP being ---- is still occurring :'( ... Do you think I should try restarting the game?

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I've just updated the game with a new function for the debug menu called "reset background variables". If I'm right, then your EXP should be working normal again if you use that function!

oh cool thank you! How do you access the debug menu, is it in the game?


You have to press the "page up" key on the keyboard and a little menu should pop up!

gasp how have i never seen this before!! XD Im using mac so the button is different so I never tried this before

also i just tried resetting and it didn't work :'( It says "This command is used for resetting variables that have been used in a prior version of the game and now need to be updated" and after the exp still shows ------.


That the exp shows "-----" is normal, since your character has reached the highest level, meaning they can't earn more exp than that.
Try out if you can use the EXP for something now, if you can't, please tell me!


Is anyone else having issues on android? I downloaded the apk, but once i opened it i got a failure to load mp4 screen

Same probably a bug


Thank you for reporting! I will look into it and see what I can do!


i know they are technically the enemy desires, but would it be possible to recruit the male/female slime as a pet that can maybe join in for "pleasuring" your desires? And maybe the male ogre too (his design is super cute lol)?

I loved the slime's animated scene in the new quest! Also I hope we can recruit Gryffin in the future!! The story already looks super interesting, I love how its like an anime with the bad guys showing up in the background for a while haha~


I could definitely think about implementing something in that manner, though it could take a little while! It would most likely come as a side quest then.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'm glad to see that someone encountered the first scene with Sahyagi and Gryffin already! 


ya im really enjoying it, honestly I'm surprised myself! The story and game is fun in itself apart from the naughty parts haha, weirdly reminds me of pokemon games in the old days! And I think its great the amount of detail youre planning on including, really makes it fun to explore and reexplore places in game and get invested with characters and places. 


Ha Ha, I'm really happy hearing that! I wanted it to have enough nsfw content for people not to lose interest in it, but still have a serious story.
It's great and very surprising to see how many people actually like it!

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also I think Neneka mentioned this below, but a chat with discord or something for the game would be really cool! Plus it would help with asking questions about the game/reporting bugs/etc. when you don't have to scroll a bunch to see past messages haha (sad experience speaking). Also its fun to just talk about your game and get excited about your plans (at least for me welp) but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone else haha


I've been thinking about this a lot too and have just created a discord. However, I must say that I've never really used discord much so I don't have a lot of knowledge about it.
Either way though, you can find the server here:


ah cool thanks! 

Thats definitely great, but you should do only what youre comfortable with! It might overload you to have to learn this along with your work as well! Aside from discord there are simpler messaging systems or even threads here that neneka mentioned (i didnt know you could do that sorry!)


I actually don't even know how to make a thread here, ha ha, that's why I went with the discord instead.

I figured a discord or he could make a discussion thread here for us to post in (it would post similar to his update info posts)

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Bug report: in the mansion the little screen you can check for relationship and happiness does not show for excel

(we should make a actual thread for this instead of comments)

Also still have had no events like in the screen shots pop up for ruko/ray etc I am assuming they still are not added.


Thank you for the report! I'll fix that!

I agree, it's getting a bit messy here.

They are added, though some of them have certain conditions that must be met.
For example, for the Ruko and Ray one you're going to need at least 300 affection points with each of them.

lol they both have over 400 with me.

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Then it could be that it just didn't appear yet, since it is a randomized worldmap event. I'm going to check it anyway though!

Hi! Im loving the game but i can't load on old saves, theres no save fold in the "www" like you said and im also kinda lost in the Feszha quest, a little help please? -u-'

its a issue with a new plug in you will have to make a new save (he let me know earlier)


Hi! I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Are you playing on android or Pc?


Hmmm do you mean there is no "save" folder in the old version of the game? The new version isn't going to have one yet, it will be created as soon as you save the game at least once!

As for the Feszha quest, where are you stuck?

Ok, so, i got to the florest and all but i dont know what to do next. I Even came back to the start and got new desires (actually i can get a lot now, dont know if its a bug or i just can get that much) but that it, i walked a lot in the map but nothing came to me as waht to do next.

(Also, i'm really sorry for my english, not my first language)

For the desires, that's not a bug, you are able to get all the desires from the gate as long as you have enough exp points!
Now to the forest. 
Assuming that you are stuck at the very beginning of the forest, I've marked all the available paths here on the map red:  
The first way you would want to go is right, when you reach the new map go right again until you find a small hut in a tree.
Climb the ladder and talk to the old Lady there. Leave the hut und climb down again. Now interact with the Axe near the hut and once you have it, go back to the map I've showed you. Now you want to go north. 
If you get stuck again, tell me!

Also, about the save folder, i dont have the old version, maybe that's why?

That could be the reason.


By the way will Xora be added to the poll? 


Since the poll is not editable, I might make a new one as soon as I've implemented the first romancing Quest, so the new characters will all be added then!

great! might have some rethinking to do haha

also I tried the new update and sadly the exp still shows -----

Ha Ha, that might be because I haven't actually updated the game yet. The new update will come out next week tuesday!

ohh facepalm sorry :P

I will send you pics of it if you want  but trying to load my files with the update gives me a  error message that says cannot read property length of undefined.


That would probably be the new plug-in I'm using then, I received the same error when I tried to load old save files. 
The only way I found to go around that yet is to start the game over, since the plug-in doesn't seem to be compatible with the old saves.

Yea I started a new file and it worked I shall keep testing and reporting anything I find. (Overall it's been enjoyable )

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Deleted 132 days ago
Deleted 132 days ago
Deleted 132 days ago

OHHH that one right! and ya it might be an issue with how I played, just last time at this point in the game i was able to these things

It's fine! I'm going to look into it anyway!

also for the Xora scene I got an error message: "Reference Error: Galv is not defined"

Both the fairy queen and Xora errors should be fixed now! A new version is up! However, I wasn't able to find the problem with the experience.


Thanks so much! There might not be any issue with the experience, it might just be that you require more exp now to get the same things! Just in 6.0 I remember getting more desires from the door, but now even though Im further in the game I don't have the exp to get one yet. It may just be updated though that you need more to unlock them since the game is longer now! 

Oh! It doesn't matter how far you are in the game, the way the system works, is that it questions if your character has at least 500 experience points.
You can check your current experience points when you go to menu > Status > Your character.

So this is what shows up in the status page. Could it be an issue with the transferring of save files? 

That might be... though I couldn't imagine that this was the problem. I'll stay at it and try to see if there's a hidden bug somewhere.

also yay thank you for the male character scene with Xora!! I saw the dreamscape event there too and it looks great XDDD

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 

also how do you get chocolate waffles :P ?

also what does the silver crown do? I want to make sure its worth it before giving up on eduard (love that option by the way XD)

The crown does not do anything yet, the quest it is needed for will be implemented in the future!

so it you take the guy, will you lose the quest?

You won't be able to encounter the Quest anymore if you don't choose the crown.

thanks for the info!

Chocolate waffles can be obtained from the prize shop in the letter association! 

hey Yokubo, Im still having an error with the fairy queen... Whenever she flies to the sky the game stops and you can't do anything. Is that supposed to happen (like she's too far away to attack)?

specifically it was "Feszha flies into the sky looking down on you like little ants." and the game stops

That isn't supposed to happen. I'll give it another look. Seems like a really persistent bug. 

hey does anyone want to help a lady out? in the rescuing the daughter quest (I get to the elder fairy in their village but cant find any of the items they say they need.)


hey, if its the weeds you are looking for, you have to go to the swamp, which is in the far southeast corner of the fairy village. Also quick note you should update before going further if you haven't already since Wednesday this week since an error was fixed by Yokubo then. The save files can also be transferred! Hope this helps :)

I update as soon as they go up to download . ;) I stay ontop of my gaming stuff lol.

Is the male character available now to choose to play as?

You can already choose to play the male character, however most of the scenes will still feature the female character.
He is not fully implemented yet!

hey im not sure if this is supposed to happen but  when I battle the fairies in the forest the battle just has them attacking me but me being unable to attack back... 

Hmmm... did they give you any states? The battle works normal on my end...

I think it was when they saw something awesome, its the first time i encountered that state and after that its been 5 minutes and nothing has happened...

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the game also froze when the fair queen showers the enemy in a strange dust  Edit: I think it freezes when the queen does anything because i tried it a second time and it froze when she "made an erotic display and flew away"

Unfortunately I'm not able to encounter this bug... it doesn't freeze on my end.
But I'll keep trying.

I have found the bug. For some reason it didn't happen while test-playing it, but only as soon as it's created as a package.
I'm going to upload the bug fix very soon. I really apologize for all the trouble...

no really its no trouble at all! 

I've just tested it, it must be the "distracted" state that's causing this. 
I've tweaked it a little now, so that the enemies won't use the action that puts you in this state all the time.

ah thanks!

Deleted 135 days ago

When you're in the fairy village, go all the way to the south and then to the right!

oh ya thanks sorry i completely missed it the first time 

by the way love the serious expression for lanch! 

Ha Ha, I'm glad that you like it!

Hey, the error Ive had with the enemy turning you on freezing the game is still occurring after the update.

I've been looking into it, but I wasn't able to recreate the error yet. Does it only happen on specific enemies?

so far ive only noticed it for the ogres, but they are the only ones that turn me on 

not sure if this changes anything but I selected masochism as my weakness in the beginning

also for the fairy behind the board on the way to the old lady, when you exit the space where you find it, the character enters on a log and is stuck.

here is the image: 

Oh! That's a pretty bad bug... thank you for reporting it to me!
I'll be uploading a new version today then still, since it's game breaking and makes the update otherwise pretty pointless. 

I've updated the game just now, in case you haven't found a way to get out there yet, this time you should be able to transfer the save files!

thanks! will try later today :)

Can the old save files transfer over? Im guessing not right...

also just wondering but will the vampire Dust ever be "gettable" ?

I will do more with Dust and Utoya, but I don't want to reveal yet what exactly!


cool and dw! I just realized when battling him that he had a name so I was wondering if we could get him :o

also (last thing aha) for the quest in the celestial forest, Ive been stuck on what to do for over a week now... Ive talked to the old lady in the tree house, met the first ogre, and im not sure what to do now. some paths are blocked by things but im not sure who to get to move them...

Did you get the axe in front of the old lady's hut? With it you are able to cut the big tree branch blocking the path to the deeper parts of the forest.


ohhhh thanks so much ive been stuck on this for so long!

You're welcome! It was supposed to be a bit difficult, so no worries.

There should be a "www" folder which has another folder in it named "save".
If you copy that folder into the "www" folder of the new version of the game, you should find your old saves again!

aw it didn't work... I got an error "cannot read property 'length' of undefined"

That error might have something to do with a new plug-in I used for the new story quest. I had the same one when testing and could only go around it when starting a new game.
I assume for this version, you would have to start over again... I'm really sorry.

no problem! its not too long and im already there now that i know the way :)

how can you play on android? Theres no game apk file to open an app up. 

I've noticed that too already and am looking into it at the moment!


is there an ETA for the slave market option? also will it ever be possible to get the cute boy thats with the slave master lady? hehe great game by the way, excited to see where it goes

Not yet, but I don't plan on implementing it anytime soon. Right now the focus will be the next desire and implementing the male character. 
I didn't plan on it, but I could definitely make an option to get him from her!
Thank you for your support and interest in the game!

Cool thanks for the reply!

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hi! I've noticed that the game freezes every time any enemy turns you on on the windows version, although I'm not sure if its because i am running the windows version on my mac since no one else has mentioned this yet

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also on the poll would it be possible to add pictures next to the names? Some people may not know who some of the desires are, and that may be why the results were so unexpected lol?  Also when I tried it on mac before the games hadn't worked for me...

Unfortunately the poll doesn't give the option to add pictures to the choices.
Besides that, I wouldn't want people to decide purely on just the look of a character, since it could be that they dislike them as soon as they meet them!

oh that's definitely true, I was thinking it because when i first voted after starting the game, I didn't remember the desires' names and which one was which, but could remember how they looked  when they appeared from the door so i thought it might be easier to associate with for the poll. But i think your point makes a lot more sense

You really do have a point though, there are a lot of desires and I imagine it's hard to remember all their names.

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don't worry though it was only in the very beginning when I was starting the game! After i played through it and changed my team around it was easy to remember them all now! Each of their personalities are distinct enough to remember now lol

Are you playing the latest version of the game? This has been a bug before, but I had fixed it in the newer versions.

hm i updated with the last update (6.0), ill update again next week and see what happens

Either way, I'll look into it and maybe I'll find something! I'll report back if I encounter the bug.

can you add more red haired and tanned characters in the game? A little tsundere?


I'll make sure to remember that! Another red haired character is actually already planned, soon to be implemented!

Deleted 143 days ago

Hadn't thought about it yet, but will definitely try to do something with it!

cool was just wondering since so far the characters I got were light skinned and twins are awesome lol

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would there ever be an option of a threesome scene in this game? i love the fact that desires in your team can interact with each other, like ray and ruko so far, and honestly their interactions have made me start shipping them at this point hehe, so would it ever be possible to have some spicy scenes with certain desire pairs? like ray and ruko, wooly and fang, maybe others? Or even maybe only a select few that it could make sense for? it could be cool for certain pairs that are totally unexpected like alex and rahel, like maybe they normally interact with rahel being completely dominant but alex turns the tables in bed *naughty smirk.... I don't know it was just a random thought that you probably don't have to consider for a very long time since its still in the early access stage, i was just putting my gah out their haha. Also super super random question that I've been wondering since starting the game, do any of the desires wear underwear lol? Could look cute for some, others like Ruko definitely look good as is, just a weird random thought i had since the beginning :P

Absolutely! Some are in planning already actually, like the ones you mentioned, Fang&Wooly, Ray&Ruko.
Oh no, I love hearing your ideas! The Alex one sounds very interesting actually!
To be honest, I haven't given the underwear part much thought myself yet, but I would think that definitely the more "sweetly"-sided characters like Oliver and Wooly do wear that, since they wouldn't be much comfortable without.

(1 edit)

Ya the alex x ravel pairing seemed interesting with their personalities, I didn't know if it would actually be able to work with their stories though since they're so different so it was nothing more than a random thought! Honestly any unexpected pairing that you think makes sense would be really cool to see! 

Ya that makes sense, to be honest it was more of a random thought to me during the threesome thought that when with ray and ruko are in bed with you for the first time and they're fighting a bit, they take off their pants and have the same underwear XP ( I know super cheesy just made me chuckle lol). 

That's a really funny thought and I can actually see that happening to these two to be honest.

(1 edit) (+2)

just wondering, are you eventually aiming to make a romantic route for all the desires? Because for some like Lanch a romantic route might not work... Would it be easier and possible to be able to unlock more things to do with your desire as you get closer? Like tie up, blindfold, play with, FINALLY USE THE WHIP haha, etc. for different characters instead of just a confession? And i mean have an animated scene with these things instead of only text (like: "you used the whip, he liked it. done").  For some desires a confession definitely works, but for other desires it feels like you pick them as your favourite for other reasons right :3  ?  Or maybe like for the aggressive desires who rape you in the beginning you could end up dominating them and make them pets with collars? it could be interesting if each desire had different things that could be done to them, and some are good for going for a romantic route with. I don't know if you can get to this but there is this cool feature in some games where you can interact with characters by touching them in different places and they react and strip? Would be super cool if this could be possible but i know this is probably a ton of work. Sorry for the long message but the game is already a lot of fun so I wanted to know in what direction you were planning on taking it! 

in case it wasn't clear for the aggressive ones i definitely meant Rahel lol


I do plan on making a romance route for every character and have a lot of their events written down in documents already, most of their stories are already thought out, however, romancing them is completely optional and not NECESSARY to progress in the game. 

I find your suggestions very interesting though, thank you very much for that! I'm definitely going to see that I try to implement some of your ideas, if possible, even all of them.
Building affection with your desire is possible even without romancing them, but the mansion will mostly be needed for that since that will be the point at which you can start giving gifts and doing "other actions". Depending on their personality, they do actually like certain actions more than others. I was already thinking about doing something in the way of unlocking new features as they grow to like you more, it's definitely going to happen, no matter if you are romancing them or not, so you can look forward to that!
As for the "animation" part, I could try, but I'm not the best when it comes to animating, so I can't promise anything in that direction.
The idea of dominating the aggressive ones does sound tempting, I'll see that I'll do something with that!
With the "touching characters in different places" part, you've actually perfectly described the dreamscape which is already implemented for 2 characters! However, it is another feature that becomes available as soon as you have the mansion.
And I don't mind the long message at all! In fact, it really motivates me to work on the game when I see that people care so much about it and like it! Thank you for supporting my project!

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ooh that's even better than what I imagined! I originally thought a romance route in addition to the other options would be too much work which was why i decided to just say other options, but having both options is definitely better! Also I really love how receptive you are to others, i felt weird asking the stuff above since it sounded like suggestions when I am just playing a game you've clearly put a lot of work in without doing anything in return, but seeing how friendly you are really makes it more comfortable to talk about the game! You've definitely got a long time fan here :)  Also I recommended the game on a discord chat for another game, I hope thats not an issue? If it is please let me know! Also (last thing I promise haha) how do you access the dreamscape you mentioned in the mansion? 

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oh also would it be possible in the game to romance multiple desires? or can you only move forward with one? also I just realized I didn't exactly mean animation in my original comment, more like the pictures that are currently there in the sex scenes in your house with the first desire you pick (i think its currently only 2 guys?) but you can maybe touch/whip/kiss/lick them at different spots and they'll blush or their expression would change? Definitely not full on animated scenes, sorry for the confusion! Also i was suprised that you could actually pee in your house... would it be possible to shower with your desires or choose to tie them to the bed and other stuff like that? maybe you could massage them with soap in certain places hehe (like you can click on their body in the shower with toys/soap/finger/tongue) and theyll react

showering with them sounds cool :P

(2 edits)

It will be possible to romance multiple desires! Depending on which ones you chose to romance, there will also be a few scenes for that, a few which have already been scripted. For example; if you decide to romance Ruko and Ray at the same time, you're able to encounter an event where they completely clash at each other, since these two absolutely can't stand the other. You're not going to lose affection points for that though.
Building a harem is perfectly possible.
Oh, that's fine! I've been thinking about that too already. It definitely would feel a lot more lively if their expression would change during it (specifically for Ray I've actually already made some different expressions). However, writing the scenes in itself already takes up a lot of time, so I was thinking of finishing that part first and then updating them to be a little more advanced in the graphic part.
Showering is possible already! It takes a bit of random chance though. Upon entering the house, the places for the piano, kitchen, gambling tables, fire place and shower will be randomized. If it hits a number which is assigned to a desire, this desire will appear. if they should happen to be at the shower or bath, you are able to join them. It's not as advanced as you wrote, but I could try to make it a little more interactive in the future.
Also, if you have the easy-mode on, you don't have to re-enter the mansion several times to randomize the characters. There are certain objects you can click on to just reroll the number and at some point, a character will appear. For the shower, you would have to interact with the pissoir for the kitchen with the oven.

yay thanks for the info! just wondering what is the state you have to be in to activate the dreamscape? Or ooh it is a secret to find out? If it is then no problem, I was just stuck on how to unlock it but I'm fine with the mystery if that's how its meant to be!


You really don't have to feel weird asking! I'm really happy with any suggestion I get! It gives me a lot more ideas of what to do with the game and what people would like to see in it.

Oh, It doesn't bother me at all! It makes me really happy to see that you like the game so much!

To activate the dreamscape, you have to be in a certain state and talk to one of the so far available characters for it! The characters will be in their room, that's where you have to interact with them.

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I feel like romance routes is just a title just like in real life characters have personalities and tastes so hopefully what I am getting is Yokubo will be making any affectionate moments fit with the character it involves. :) 

also still have not been able to use any showers at my mom's in puzzle or my manor.

(also so far Yokubo has been super nice and accepting of opinions and reports of us playing threw the game)


oh ya i totally agree with what you're saying, I just wanted to  know more about Yokubo's plans since the game seems really interesting so i wanted to know more about the direction it would be going in! 

Also, for me I had to exit and reenter the mansion ~20 times i think before a character showed up next to the shower. You can then talk to them and they'll take a shower, but right now its just text, there's no event scene for it yet. 

so far so good had another random crash during combat this time with female vampire.

I'll look into it!

also when you buy clothes ot dress up nothing happens anymore when you put them on stays on default outfit.

Just fixed that bug, it was a problem with the status picture change. Will be functional again with the next update!

The female vampire bug should be fixed now too.

(1 edit) (+1)

Kk I found over the years of beta testing saving alot is your friend,so saving after every fight let me sometimes keep getting it and sometimes not.


also there might be a glitch, the level ups from the erotic novel only seem to last one battle? The level resets after a battle 

Can you tell me what device you're playing it on?

it happens for me also on windows ten. (just noticed it today when i loaded up after work)

I've already encountered it too. It should be fixed with the next update!

thanks! also the mac version doesnt seem to open for me... Is there anything specific that needs to be done? Right now im opening the windows version with an emulator

Not that I know of. Do you get an error message?


is there any instructions for the game? Like how to save, etc.?


Not yet. I was going to release a file with the controls for the next update.

ah ok thanks! the game looks great by the way :)

Do you have an estimated time until the Male protagonist is added?

I do want to start working on the male protagonist's route very soon(probably in the next update or the one after that), it would take a while until he's fully implemented though. It's hard to say when that would be...

ok. That's good to know.

just to let you know (especially since its early development the game tends to freeze up and crash during combat specifically against naked male humans)

Thank you for the help! Can you tell me what device you're playing it on?

Windows 10.


I'll look into it.


The bug should be fixed now!

so far so good . :)

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